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Welcome to Our School

There are a good number of standard schools in West Bengal with Government and Private initiatives. The Institutions have gone a long way to ensure quality education in this state. The demand for such TOP schools is still on the rise. The latest addition to the list of High Performing Schools is the NIVA ANANDA VIDYALAYA. This school is affiliated to West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. This is an English and Bengali Media co-educational school. We would like to throw light on the Management Procedure of this school and its various performances and achievements.

Message From DADAN

Goodness is what goodness does. But some times you are not good in words and deeds. Such things harm you, annoy your parents. The Vidyalaya takes care that you stay away from bad things, stay with the good. Be good in words and deeds. Be good in studies and behaviour. The Vidyalaya would reward you. But beware of our disapproval of your bad moves.

Remember :In every person there is a good element as well as a bad element. Let you say rhythmically :
  • I do keep the good man in me awake for hundreds of years like the rays of the Sun.
  • I do keep the bad man in me fully asleep for hundreds of years.
A schedule(daily work-chart) is made to be maintained at home for studies, games and sports, dance, music, drawing, making strolls and visits and your daily chores before you sleep.Click here...
I see many virtues in you. You are fairly intelligent. You know a lot. You are capable of doing many good things. You read, move about, eat, play together and are becoming remarkably good. But in examinations some of you secure poor marks. The major reason for this is that you are not devoting the required time to studies. You seldom like to read. You are inattentive to your class lessons, even you are not allowing others to concentrate on the lessons. Look, you are to take exactly five hundred grams of food a day. But you take only hundred grams of food a day. Can you think of the consequences? You will be physically weak. You may fall ill. Think thatway, we need four hours of serious studies a day. But you read only half an hour or at the most one hour. That too is not spontaneous. You are repeatedly asked to sit down to read.  What will be the consequences? You will fare very badly in the examination. Your failure will bring  shame and pain. Your parents and others at home will be subjected to pain. You like games and sports, to move about and you also like, dance, music, drawing, etc. Well, do them carefully and lovingly. Side by side, you are to love studies. ”I feel relieved if I am not to study, I will not read at all, and will pay no heed to anybody’s advice in this regard “ — this type of mentality is harmful. Nobody will support you. You are to devote time for studies and pay attention to classes. Apply your mind, and enkindle your desire and eagerness, have confidence in yourself, listen to lessons taught  in the class attentively, do home-works attentively, be obedient and decent. You are sure to find that your results in the examinations improve. Hide the Content.

Our Vision

Our objective is not to run a business with education. We are against privatization and commercialization of education. The Vidyalaya is run by a Trust formed by some retired teachers, patrons of education and social workers. Our objective is to make the children successful human beings.
Education generates joy and conscientiousness. Students are to read, write, play, know and to comprehend joyfully. Cultural Camp is co-related with  studies in our Vidyalaya. The Cultural Camp is vibrant with dance, music, drama, drawing, debate and eloquence. The Grooming Centre  deals with the techniques of facing Interview Boards, developing the skill of Communicative English / Hindi, and also Behavourial Pattern, Personality Development, Good Manners, Values based on family, environment and our country. It nurtures developing students' creative faculties and caters to creative consciousness.

Our Mission

Our another aim is to disabuse the minds of the students of superstition and discrimination of caste and religion. Proper education aims at enlightening and broadening one’s mind. Culture and Education are symbiotic. Culture adds fresh air to education. Culture enkindles in human beings longing for refined life . Infused with culture, education becomes a great treasure and goes a long way to make the learner a total person. We have been harnessing sincere efforts to achieve this end. We must ensure an education that is relevant to the life of the learners, can meet their familial, societal needs, and satisfy the expectations of the Nation. Education will not only satisfy the demands of the time but will also satisfy the demands of life and humanity. It is desired that education is not divorced from life. On the contrary, education issues from and life issues from education.

Centre of Excellence