Prof. Dr. Subhankar Chakraborty

is a chequered career

Walked a long way...

A short biography

A former Vice Chancellor, Rabindra Bharati University, Prof. Dr. S. Chakraborty, is a prolific writer -- a dramatist, a lyricist, a rhymer of outstanding merit, a short-story writer and a pamphleteer on ethical and socio-politico-economic problems.

Early Career

He is an educationist par excellence. Starting his career as a college teacher with the positive attitude to serve the society, he became at the age of forty-one only Principal, Ashutosh College, Kolkata, an institution of excellence. Alter serving the college for eighteen years fruitfully, bringing about tangible changes in academic and extra—academic arena of the college, he became in the year 1997 Vice Chancellor, Rabindra Bharati University that received a vital impetus, both in matter and spirit, during his stewardship for four years.

Milestones put by him

He was instrumental in establishing Ashutosh College Training Centre. He pioneered computer education in colleges at a time incongenial for the purpose. He took the lead in helping students who are IAS, IPS, WBCS WBJS aspirants in the centre with a view to offering the country able, and honest administrative and judicial officers.

Establishment of Niva Ananda Viyalaya

After his retirement he established the character school Niva Ananda Vidyalaya at Brahmapur, Kolkata-96 in 2003. Here education based on values, is being catered, following the dictum of joyful learning. The Vidyalaya is run by the Niva Ananda Vidyalaya Trust, a philanthropic Organization. Prof Chakraborty himself being a philanthropist, gave a clarion call to the like minded persons to join the mission. Responding to his benigned call Principal Santosh Dhar (retd), Principal Dr. S.P. Samaddar (retd), Principal Sanat Banerjee (retd), Prof. Ujjwal Kr. Basu (retd), Principal Mira Bhowmik; (retd), Prof. Sisir Mazumdar (retd) and Dr. Asit Das joined the mission as trusted associates and crusaders in upholding the dignity of the mixed culture of our country. As an educationist and an educational researcher, he has been associated with all the tiers of education in general, the primary and secondary in particular. He has been trying hard to make his character-school an institution of eminence both nationally and internationally. That the Vidyalaya is reaching its goal is manifest from the consistently brilliant results in the last two consecutive secondary examinations. Higher Secondary courses in Science and Arts have been started from the academic session. 2008-2009

About the school

The Vidyalaya, a unit of Niva Ananada Vidyalaya Trust, under the able guidance of Prof. S. Chakraborty, is on its onward march with a positive mission. But its development in various fields of knowledge requires money. Its immediate necessity is to have a proper playground for the balanced growth of both body and mind. It intends to introduce courses on Animation, BBA and BCA that can enable a learner to compete in the job market. It is also willing to introduce training for IAS, IPS, WBCS examinations. The existing features of the Vidyalaya - having a cultural section teaching how to sing, dance, act. draw, etc - the section for games and sports for the healthy growth of body and mind and the grooming section of framing Life Style ---- which make the institution vibrant --- have been done. with limited resources of the Trust.

Future concoct

Prof. Chakraborty is now bent upon grooming students for making them aware of life and its diversified possibilities. (Consequently, he is determined to open a Grooming Centre at the Vidyalaya. Now that we intend to develop it substantially what matters is money. Hence our appeal to the promoters and patrons of education to extend their helping hand bounteously so that our beloved Vidyalaya may bloom to the fullest capacity bestowing vitalizing fragrance of culture..